This manual references numerous related requirements resources and guidance summarized below.

Drivers Safety

Accident –

Cart Policy – Utility Cart Golf Cart Policy.pdf

Utility Cart and Golf Cart Training –

Drivers Safety Program – UA-Driver-Safety-Prog.pdf

General Driver Safety Training –

Automobile Liability Self-insurance – Automotive-Liability-Self-Insurance 10/01/21 to 10/01/22.pdf

Motor Vehicle Record Policy – Motor Vehicle Record Policy.pdf

Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Authorization –

Personal Mobility Devices – Personal-Mobility-Device-Statement.pdf


Fleet Services 

UA Fleet Auction –

Vehicle Disposal Policy – Vehicle Disposal Policy.pdf 

Vehicle Reservation Form –

Vehicle Rental Procedures –

Trip Comparison –

Vehicle Fueling Procedures –

Vehicle Wash/Detailing –


Automotive Services

Vehicle Preventive Maintenance Policy (Pending)

Hours & Labor Rate –

Towing –

Automotive Tool Reimbursement – Automotive Tool Reimbursement Policy.pdf

Automotive Tool Reimbursement – Automotive Tool Reimbursement Request Form.pdf

Automotive Services Sustainability –


Procurement Services

Vehicle Purchase Request Form –

Vehicle Purchase Policy (Pending)

Travel Policy and Procedures –


Fringe Benefit Taxation

Automobiles –